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VAN DAELE | Contemporary Art | Restauration

Our Vision

Our Story

This website contains two parts, first there are the 19th and 20th century Art Works and second there are the modern and contemporary Art Works.

We admire those painters, who lived for their passion and who built up an entire collection of pieces of art which got spread out over the European continent and even beyond. The story of their lives is as interesting as their art works themselves.


That their pieces of art got spread out over the world is an enrichment for the world, but also a loss: by this website I want to make a collection of what we know about the painters and about their paintings.

All displayed paintings are in private collection.


Feel free to contact me to send or to get additional information.


Best regards,



Joris Van Daele

Hedwig Van Daele is the Art Curator of the Collecton.


Hedwig is specialised in West European painters and sculptors.

He has a passion for Art since his youth himself. Started drawing when he was 16, but soon expanded his techniques to aquarelle, guash and oil painting. Studied for 2 years at Syntra for the restauration of paintings.

We are pleased to have Frederik Cnockaert as a friend and helping hand. He is an independent art curator renovator and is the owner of Kerat.

Kerat is the business of Frederik Cnockaert, specialised in the expertise and the renovation of art.



An impressive CV and numerous references from realisations can be presented.

More information about can be found on his website:

Kerat Kunstrestauratie en Art Expertise
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