Mackowiak Erwin

Abstract painter.


Was a student at the Academy of Düsseldorf (Germany). Installed himself in La Louvière (Belgium) in 1948.


Was the Co-founder of the G3 Group. He oriented himself first towards surrealisme and then evoluated towards lyric abstraction and finally towards the portraiting where the woman, provocative or innocent, is omni-present.


His artwork was bought by the Belgium state, the Province of Hainaut and the musea of Charleroi, Verviers, Frankfürt and Gladbeck.

Won three award: Prize JPB, Prize H. Jacquet and the Europe Prize for painting in Oostende (Belgium).

Born: 1926 - Gladbeck (Germany)

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Sylphide Egarée

Size:                     134 x 166 cm

Year:                    1971 

Style:                   Modern

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

Femme avec chapeau

Size:                     110 x 120 cm

Year:                    1974 

Style:                   Modern

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

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