Blomme Alfons Jozef

Painter and Drawer.


Created his own particular technique, with small dots, after being in touch with the neo-impressionism in Brussels .

Lived in De Haan (on the Belgian coast) from of 1930, were he met James Ensor and Albert Einstein (see picture on the left - dated 1933).

Was Director of the Academy of Oostende(1935-1940) and opened his own museum in Rouselare (Roulers) in 1972.

Price of Rome in 1920

Born: in 1889 in Roulers (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1979 in Roulers

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Size:                     80 x 80 cm

Year:                    unknown 

Style:                   Landscape

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas


Size:                     50 x 40 cm

Year:                    1944

Style:                   -

Medium:             Drawing on paper


Size:                     50 x 50 cm

Year:                    1927

Style:                   Landscape

Medium:             Drawing on Paper

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