Plompen Willy

A Neoconstructive Painter, drawer, sieve printer and wall painter


Had an education at the Academy of Ghent (1959-1964).



Experimented with colour and contrast around 1962-1963. Created in the spirit of Popart, with geometrical shapes, colours and optical effects.


Realises, with J. Van Den Abbeel en Y. De Smet, wall paintings in Assenede and Wondelgem (Belgium).



Won different prizes: JPB in 1968 and Youthprize of Paris in 1969. Has art work in the Musea of Ghent and Oostende (PMMK).

Born: in 1945 in Gentbrugge (Belgium) / Deceased: August 2014

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Juwelen in de ruimte

Size:                     100 x 120 cm

Year:                   1968

Style:                   Popart

Medium:             Oil painting on board

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