Carra Carmelo

Popart painter.


After moving to Paris in 1968 and after he did some exhibitions in the early seventies, including the one held in 1971 in Santiago de Chile, he disappeared. He was a shooting star in the art world in this city.


Despite there are Carra´s artworks in important museums like Pompidou and the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, in Latin America little is known about his career and the originality of his art, considered avant-garde at its time. Art Democracy ( decided to trace the work of Carmelo Carra and finally found some interesting paintings of the late sixties and early seventies in the gallery of Maria de Beyrie in Meudon and Laurent Schwarz's house, a Parisian art dealer.


Carmelo Carra is today recognized in Buenos Aires by a few collectors and gallery owners as Enrique Scheinsohn and Teresa Anchorena.


Won the prestigious Braque prize in Buenos Aires in 1968. The prize, awarded by the Gouvernement of France, was a scholarship in Paris for young artists that stood out in Argentina. Has paintings in Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

Born: Italy / Lived in Argentina / further unknown

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Rock Concert

Size:                     130 x 200 cm

Year:                    1975 

Style:                   Popart

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

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