Bonnevalle Oscar Hector

Painter, Drawer, Engraver, Lithograph, Book illustrator and drawer of caricatures.


His magical realism and link to folklore, explain his preference for medieval scenes.


He travels a lot in Europe, Africa and America, what inspires his artwork, but without losing the Flemish caracter of them.



Was also the designer and decorator of numerous theatre sets and theatre costumes.


Designed poststamps from of 1963.


Was a student from J. Verdegem at the Academy of Arts in Ghent and from H. Verbaere at the Technical Institute in Ghent.





Born: in 1920 in Ghent (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1993

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Size:                     100 x 120 cm

Year:                    unknown 

Style:                   Surrealisme

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

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