De Smet Frédéric

Painter, etcher and sculptor.



Studied at the Sint Lucas Academy in Ghent and Antwerpen and the Julian Academy in Paris.


His masters at the school were: J. Delvin (painting), L. Mast (Sculpting) and Ch. van der Stappen (Academy of Bruxelles)


From of 1925 he found his inspiration in coastal scenes, landscapes, figures and still lives.

Designed the bustes (torsos) for King Leopold II (Belgium) and King Edward VII (England).

Born: in 1876 in Ghent (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1948 in Ghent

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Aan de haven - Gent

Size:                     100 x 120 cm

Year:                    unknown 

Style:                   Expressionism

Medium:             Oil painting on board

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