Geenens Robert Hector

Painter, watercolorist and designer. Theater decorator.


Started with fantastic realism, often surrealism, open to dreams and imagination. Tended afterwards towards lyric abstraction and magic abstraction.


Was a student at the Academy of Rotterdam (1916-1918) and Ghent (1918-1919, J. Delvin)


Was Marine lieutenant during five years. 


Was member of the Centre of Fantastic Arts from of 1926. Dedicated his life as painter from of 1928. 


Tried to express the intemporary in his rocky, abandoned and mysterious landscapes.

Won the "C. Montald" prize in 1926. Has Arts works at the Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerpen and Oostende (Belgium)

Born: 1896 in Ghent (Belgium) - Deceased: 1976 in Antwerpen (Belgium)

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Surrealistisch Landschap

Size:                     86 x 115 cm

Year:                    1958 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on canvas


Size:                     79 x 96 cm

Year:                    1967 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on wooden board

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