Lorge Bernard

Bernard Lorge studied painting in Ter Kameren (Brussels) in the Class of Jo Delahaut.

Won the prize of Young Belgian Painter in 1976. He was professor in Art at Ter Kameren. He always painted very green scenery. Most of the time he enlarged isolated natural details.

He described his work as follow: “My work is essentially figurative, but les anecdotic as constructed, this means that the elements are choses based on their form and colour and not as a symbol”.




-          Book: “Big Belgian Painters: from Permeke till Magritte” from SABAM Belgium 2000

-          http://belgianartprize.be/nl/over-ons/laureaten/


Born: 1953 in Anthée (Belgium)

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Les gouttes

Size:                    99 x 80 cm

Year:                   1978 

Style:                  Hyperrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

Book: The great Belgian Painters

Title:                  De Grote Belgische Schilders  

Editor:               SABAM Belgium 2000

Author:              ARAPB 2000 - picture: Fr. Lahaut

Year:                  2000

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