Delporte Charles

Belgian painter, designer and sculptor with a surrealistic orientation.


Was an autodidact in art who debuted in Charleroi in 1952. He oriented himself toward the cosmos and the fantastic in a formal and particular language.


Professor. Occasional also a  poet and compositor.


Was granted the title of "Chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint-Sylvestre" by Pope Jean-Paul II.


Was decorated with the Russian Poesjkin Medall and had a close relation with the Russian Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, where some of his artworks are in permanent exposition.

Has artwork at the Château de Thy, Museums, Foundations, Churches and Cities around the world (Brussels, Paris, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tokyo, Vatican City and Houston). Had his own Musée Delporte (In Damme (Bruge) between 1990 and 2013)

Born: 04 December 1928 - Marcinelle (Belgium) / Deceased: 06 November 2012 - Charleroi (Belgium)

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Les deux Amies

Size:                     91 x 72 cm

Year:                    1984 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on canvas

Paysage Fantastique

Size:                     101 x 81 cm

Year:                    1976 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on wooden board

Les meules

Size:                     102 x 82 cm

Year:                    1998 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on wooden board


Size:                     35 cm

Year:                    1980 - 1990 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Bronze with gold patina


Size:                     30 x 45 cm

Year:                    1979 

Style:                   Surrealism

Medium:             Oil painting on canvas

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