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Bonnevalle Oscar Hector

Painter, Drawer, Engraver, Lithograph, Book illustrator and drawer of caricatures.


His magical realism and link to folklore, explain his preference for medieval scenes.


He travels a lot in Europe, Africa and America, what inspired his artwork, but without losing the Flemish character.



Was also the designer and decorator of numerous theatre sets and theatre costumes.


Designed poststamps from of 1963.


Was a student from J. Verdegem at the Academy of Arts in Ghent and from H. Verbaere at the Technical Institute in Ghent.





Born: in 1920 in Ghent (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1993

Bosschem Willy

Is born in 1930 and developed an interesting career in a variety of art types, such as painting, drawing, graficism, etc.

Since 1953, Willy Bosschem is active in Oostende as a Painter, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts and PR-director for Kursaal Oostende. As PR-director he welcomed big artists as Salvador Dali, Paul Delvaux and Octave Landuyt.

In 2013, the city of Ostend organised a Retrospective of the painter hiself, as an "hommage" to his Art work and his dedication to the city. Hereby his different styles and themes throuhout his 60 year long career are shown: from cats and women to his fascination for Seagulls, from smoke-art to neo-expressionism.

He has Art works at the Belgian Royal Palace and in different Musea: Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Brussels, Ostend, ...

More information about him can be found on:

Winner of different prizes: Grand Prix de Peinture monumentale (1954), Médaille d'Or de l'Expo 58 pour la tapisserie, Exposition Universelle 1958.

Born: in 1930 in Ghent (Belgium)

Carra Carmelo

Popart painter.


After moving to Paris in 1968 and after he did some exhibitions in the early seventies, including the one held in 1971 in Santiago de Chile, he disappeared. He was a shooting star in the art world in this city.


Despite there are Carra´s artworks in important museums like Pompidou and the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, in Latin America, ... little is known about his career and the originality of his art, considered avant-garde at its time. Art Democracy ( decided to trace the work of Carmelo Carra and finally found some interesting paintings of the late sixties and early seventies in the gallery of Maria de Beyrie in Meudon and Laurent Schwarz's house, a Parisian art dealer.


Carmelo Carra is today recognized in Buenos Aires by a few collectors and gallery owners as Enrique Scheinsohn and Teresa Anchorena.


Won the prestigious Braque prize in Buenos Aires in 1968. The prize, awarded by the Gouvernement of France, was a scholarship in Paris for young artists that stood out in Argentina. Has paintings in Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

Born: Italy / Lived in Argentina / further unknown

Crets Jean Baptiste

Painter, draughtsman. Portraits, landscapes, still-lifes.


Having executed bucolic paintings in an Impressionist style, Jean Crets portrayed the uneasiness of the city with vertiginous architectural views peopled with stark female figures.

Born: in 1926 in Léopoldville (Belgian Congo)

Delmotte Marcel

The Belgian artist Marcel Delmotte was born in Charleroi (Belgium) in 1901 and died in Mont-sur-Marchienne (Belgium) in 1984 at the age of 83.

During his lifetime he developed an extended curriculum vitae and an incredible list of expositions and musea where his art works can be found, from his hometown Charleroi to Paris to South Africa.

Started as a realist, but got thereafter influenced by the expressionism and evolved towards symbolism, producing tall compositions , interstellar landscapes and futuristic architecture.

Marcel Delmotte lived during the same era as René Magritte (Lessen, 1898 – Brussel, 1967) and Paul Delvaux (Antheit, 23 september 1897 – Veurne, 20 juli 1994).

In the Groeningemuseum in Brugge (Belgium) during the exposition “Aspecten van het surrealisme in België”, which took place between 25/02/2016 and 03/09/2017, his paintings were exposed next to those of Paul Delvaux

Won different prizes: First prize Richard Dupierreux (1960), Golden medal for the Belgian Painting (1960), Golden medal from the European Council for Art and Aesthetics. Has art work in possession of the Belgian state, Museum of Charleroi, Oostende and Munich (Germany)

Born: in 1901 in Charleroi (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1984 in Mont-sur-Marchienne

Delporte Charles

Belgian painter, designer and sculptor with a surrealistic orientation.


Was an autodidact in art who debuted in Charleroi in 1952. He oriented himself toward the cosmos and the fantastic in a formal and particular language.


Professor. Occasional also a  poet and compositor.


Was granted the title of "Chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint-Sylvestre" by Pope Jean-Paul II.


Was decorated with the Russian Poesjkin Medall and had a close relation with the Russian Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, where some of his artworks are in permanent exposition.



Has artwork at the Château de Thy, Museums, Foundations, Churches and Cities around the world (Brussels, Paris, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tokyo, Vatican City and Houston). Had his own Musée Delporte (In Damme (Bruge) between 1990 and 2013)

Born: 04 December 1928 - Marcinelle (Belgium) / Deceased: 06 November 2012 - Charleroi (Belgium)

De Smet Frédéric

Painter, etcher and sculptor.



Studied at the Sint Lucas Academy in Ghent and Antwerpen and the Julian Academy in Paris.


His masters at the school were: J. Delvin (painting), L. Mast (Sculpting) and Ch. van der Stappen (Academy of Bruxelles)



From of 1925 he found his inspiration in coastal scenes, landscapes, figures and still lives.

Designed the bustes (torsos) for King Leopold II (Belgium) and King Edward VII (England).

Born: in 1876 in Ghent (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1948 in Ghent

Geenens Robert Hector

Painter, watercolorist and designer. Theater decorator.


Started with fantastic realism, often surrealism, open to dreams and imagination. Tended afterwards towards lyric abstraction and magic abstraction.


Was a student at the Academy of Rotterdam (1916-1918) and Ghent (1918-1919, J. Delvin)


Was Marine lieutenant during five years. 


Was member of the Centre of Fantastic Arts from of 1926. Dedicated his life as painter from of 1928. 


Tried to express the intemporary in his rocky, abandoned and mysterious landscapes.

Won the "C. Montald" prize in 1926. Has Arts works at the Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerpen and Oostende (Belgium)

Born: 1896 in Ghent (Belgium) - Deceased: 1976 in Antwerpen (Belgium)

Lincke Hartmut

Studied from 1961 till 1966 at the "École Normale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts" in Paris (France). 


Met Salvador Dalí in 1963, with who he became befriended since then.




He likes Art works in large size.



Has multiple articles in the written Media:



Painings sold in renowned German and International Galleries.

Born: 1942 in Berlin (Germany)

Lorge Bernard

Bernard Lorge studied painting in Ter Kameren (Brussels) in the Class of Jo Delahaut.

Won the prize of Young Belgian Painter in 1976. He was professor in Art at Ter Kameren. He always painted very green scenery. Most of the time he enlarged isolated natural details.

He described his work as follow: “My work is essentially figurative, but les anecdotic as constructed, this means that the elements are choses based on their form and colour and not as a symbol”.




-          Book: “Big Belgian Painters: from Permeke till Magritte” from SABAM Belgium 2000

Born: 30 December1953 in Anthée (Belgium) / Deceased: 08 August 2017 in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (Belgium)

Mackowiak Erwin

Abstract painter.


Was a student at the Academy of Düsseldorf (Germany). Installed himself in La Louvière (Belgium) in 1948.


Was the Co-founder of the G3 Group. He oriented himself first towards surrealisme and then evoluated towards lyric abstraction and finally towards the portraiting where the woman, provocative or innocent, is omni-present.


Won three award: Prize JPB, Prize H. Jacquet and the Europe Prize for painting in Oostende (Belgium).


His artwork was bought by the Belgium state, the Province of Hainaut and the musea of Charleroi, Verviers, Frankfürt and Gladbeck.

Born: 1926 - Gladbeck (Germany)

Maeyens Emile

Painter, designer and engraver of figures, compositions and landscapes.

Student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (1965-1969, L. Devos and C. Lyr):

  • Fine-Art Painting (Oil Painting): Professors Leon DEVOS and Georgina ISERBYT; "Prix d'Excellence"(Price of Excellency), this is the biggest distinction obtained with 93 % of the points in 1968.

  • Evening Class Drawing Course in 1969, with Professor Léon DEVOS (Nude): Medal of the Government.

  • Etching Class of Professor Claude LYR. Big Distinction in 1969.


Tends towards Symbolisme.

Creates namely realistic, but strange figures. The desolation and loneliness of the human occupies a principal place. Created "infographies" on the computer during the eighties. 

Was first an assistant of C. Lyr, and later a professor at the Academy of Brussels and Ixelles.


Won multiple prizes:

  • Medaille de la Ville de Bruxelles (Terminal diploma of Art Studies)

  • Medal of the Government (Fine-Art Painting)

  • "DE POTTER" (Drawing with charcoal).


  • "CELESTIN JACQUET" (Watercolor).

  • "DONNAY"(Landscape).

  • Selected for the Prize "Guillaume CAMPO" in 1970.

  • Selected for the International Painting Prize "Musée 2000" in the Grand-Duché of Luxembourg in 1971

  • Selected for the International Arts Prize in Painting.

Multiple paintings were bought by the Belgian State, Luxembourg and the city of Lissabon

Born: 1942 in Ghent (Belgium) / Lives in Beijing (China)

Martos Frédéric

Is essentially on his own that Frédéric Martos has developed a flawless technique in conformity with time-honoured traditions: oil on canvas. He finds his themes in the world that surrounds him. Key words are speed, communication, globalisation as well as estrangement, mediatisation, physical and psychological violence.


 Martos' starting point is not the theoretical framework but an existential experience. This inner climate is simultaneously evoked, fixed and transferred in the work of art. He is not looking for ready-made formulas. His paintings do not need a verbal story. He communicates graphically. He expresses this battered life feeling, this injured tenderness by giving a very personal character to his figures. They are naked and bald, their faces are devoid of emotion, and they have no eyes. Often they are depicted with present-day attributes: a bar code, the figures on a clock, a cellular phone. He paints all these elements in his personal style, painstakingly precise, the figures generally set against a monochrome background. If I have to place his work in an art historical context, I would refer to the Italian metaphysicist De Chirico and the Belgian surrealist Magritte in his series of paintings "Empire of Light".


 In the work of Frédéric Martos, the figurative presentation remains the bearer of meanings. Content, life feeling and formal elements, the aspect related to the art of painting, go hand in hand. The modern language of images and forms gives shape to a critical vision where "la condition humaine" continues to occupy centre stage. He uses all his technical know-how - regardless of the dimensions of his paintings - to crystallise that vision in an efficient way.





President of MUHKA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp)

Born: in 1968 in Bordeaux (France)

Oorlynck Marc

Abstract assimilation of “Energy of Light” interwoven with the Sound of Color.


Tried to translate the relation between people; concerning love and friendship, but also the feelings of lonelyness, dispair and absence.



  • Charcoal drawing - mixed techniques - acrylpaint - pen - pastel

  • Oil on canvas

  • Ceramics



  • Art Academy of  Ostend
    Discipline drawing - painting
    (Roland Devolder - Dirk Michiels - Marc Oorlynck)

  • Art Academy of  Ostend
    Discipline sculpting
    (Paul Perneel)

  • Higher Education Art Academy of Bruges
    Discipline drawing
    (Jan Demarest)

  • Higher Education Art Academy of Bruges
    Discipline painting
    (Johan Janssen)

  • Training “Shule des Sehens” Kokoschka

  • Laureate in the discipline of painting of the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts
    Atelier Johan Janssen

  • Laureate last year Specialization Painting, Art Studio Johan Janssen
    the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts



Won difference prizes: the Pro-Civitatewedstrijd of the Gemeentekrediet (in 1972), V.R.I.K.A. prize from the Royal Art Academie of Antwerpen, the Ghislain Aerts-prize in 1980 and the Dr. Demeyer prize from Brugge.

Born: 3th May 1954 in Oostende (Belgium) / Deceased: in 2009

Peeters Eugène


Paintings sold at Palais Des Beaux-Arts (Servarts) in Bruxelles (Belgium)

Born: 1925 (Belgium) / Decease: 1981 (Belgium)

Peverelli Cesare

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera from 1939 till 1944. Was educated by Aldo Carpi and Achille Funi.

In those years attending the Bar Jamaica he got to know the prominent personalities of the Milanese artistic culture.

Important for his formation was the friendship with Ennio Morlotti and the intellectuals of the Corrente group.

In 1946 he joined the "Oltre Guernica" group. Later he approached spatialism and surrealism.



References: / /

Born: in 1922 in Milano (Italy) / Deceased: in March 2000 in Parigi (Italy)

Plompen Willy

A Neoconstructive Painter, drawer, sieve printer and wall painter


Had an education at the Academy of Ghent (1959-1964).



Experimented with colour and contrast around 1962-1963. Created in the spirit of Popart, with geometrical shapes, colours and optical effects.


Realises, with J. Van Den Abbeel en Y. De Smet, wall paintings in Assenede and Wondelgem (Belgium).



Won different prizes: JPB in 1968 and Youthprize of Paris in 1969. Has art work in the Musea of Ghent and Oostende (PMMK).

Born: in 1945 in Gentbrugge (Belgium) / Deceased: August 2014

Torrekens Antoon

He graduated as a graphic designer.




He is a full time artist and makes artistic photography, paintings and sculptures in bronze and ceramics.


in the past he also designed jewelry and many other objects (tables,curtains, etc.)



Exhibitions: Classic Art in Brussels in permanent 2004, Canada (Toronto 2005), Innsbruck 2007, Canada (Toronto 2014) ,Innsbruck 2015, Paris 2015.


Received of Minister of Culture an honorary cup for artistic effort.








There are several publications of his work. Art book annuaire 1982 published in Paris, Made in Belgium Export guide 9th Edition 1992, artists and Gallery 1996. art Photography in magazine Vigore 2011, 2013 and 2014, magazine "Supermodel" 2013 and 2014, Magazine "Action" 2014. Magazine "Supermodel" 2015

Born: at 06/09/1951 in Aalst (Belgium)

Van Belleghem Aimé

Painter of surrealistic portraits and compositions. Was guided by his father Jos V.

He was essentially and autodidact. Realised namely surrealistic compositions , loaded with erotism and in pre-historic decors in which the animals live together in harmony.

Realised also portraits from Noble Citizens of Bruges.

Lived with his wife and three children in Bruges.

Born: in 1922 in Beernem (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1996 in Bruges

Van Hamme Fernand

Was active as a painter, drawer and illustrator. Has worked in Paris too.



He namely painted classical themes, such as landscapes and marinas. He had a preference for horses and naked women.



Some of his art works are very romantic, even fantastic. The naked lady fits perfect in one of these themes.





Born: in 1911 in Sint-Joost-ten-Node (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1976 in Bruxelles

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