Bisschops Charles

Painter and Drawer of landscapes, portraits and compositions.

Charles Louis Bisschops became a pupil of the Academy of Brussels from of 1912.  Here he was fortunate to have as his principal professors the great artists Constant Montald and Jean Delville whose joint influences were to have a profound effect on the young artist. 


In 1914 he volunteered to join the Belgian army at the outbreak of WWI and even though was wounded on two separate occasions managed to remain on the line until the Armistice of 1918.  After the war he returned for one year to the Academy of Brussels to complete his studies and it was here that he met his future wife Lucienne, the daughter of the sculptor Jules Coessens.  They married in 1920 and the following year both traveled to Algeria, the start of a series of sojourns that would include trips to France, Italy and Spain over the next ten years.  The light and the bright sun in these countries led him in his works to a bright colorite and a bright color palette.


By the late 1920’s his work was becoming increasingly popular through his frequent exhibitions at the principal Belgian art institutions and was receiving high critical praise.  Apart from his landscapes he also painted some figurative work, particularly of dancers, although these are somewhat rarer. 


Later in life he turned his attention to painting in watercolors and gouache, mostly undertaken after he settled in the town of Rossignol, France in the mid-1960’s.  It was at his villa in the town of Rossignol where Charles Louis Bisschops died in 1975. 


His paintings can be seen today at a number of Belgian museums including those in the towns of Mons, Charleroi and Tournai and some museums abroad (Riga and Martinique).

He also worked together with Alfred Bastien and Charles Swyncopat the "Panorama de la bataille de Dinant".

Born: in 1894 in Liège (Belgium) / Deceased: in 1975 in Rossignol (France)

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Les Confidentes

Size:                     55 x 80 cm

Year:                    unknown 

Style:                   Portrait

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

La Porteuse d'eau

Size:                     30 x 40 cm

Year:                    1953

Style:                   -

Medium:             Drawing/Aquarel on paper

Femme au Lac

Size:                     40 x 30 cm

Year:                    1945

Style:                   Landscape

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas

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