Bosschem Willy

​Is born in 1930 and developed an interesting career in a variety of art types, such as painting, drawing, graficism, etc.

Since 1953, Willy Bosschem is active in Oostende as a Painter, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts and PR-director for Kursaal Oostende. As PR-director he welcomed big artists as Salvador Dali, Paul Delvaux and Octave Landuyt.

In 2013, the city of Ostend organised a Retrospective of the painter hiself, as an "hommage" to his Art work and his dedication to the city. Hereby his different styles and themes throuhout his 60 year long career are shown: from cats and women to his fascination for Seagulls, from smoke-art to neo-expressionism.

He has Art works at the Belgian Royal Palace and in different Musea: Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Brussels, Ostend, ...

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Winner of different prizes: Grand Prix de Peinture monumentale (1954), Médaille d'Or de l'Expo 58 pour la tapisserie Exposition Universelle 1958.

Born: in 1930 in Ghent (Belgium)

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Jonge vrouw met katten

Size:                     110 x 110 cm

Year:                    unknown 

Style:                   neo-expressionism

Medium:             Oil painting on Canvas


Title:                  WILLY BOSSCHEM  

Editor:               Galerij Poseidon

Author:              Hugo Brutin and Stephane Rey

Year:                  1984

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